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Passing data from server to a handlebars view

feature image for data to handlebars

In this tutorial, we’re going to set up a node server, create some express handlebars views, and pass data from the server to these templates. In a real-life scenario, this data would most likely be fetched from a database. But we’ll not get into that in this tutorial. This is just to show you how […]

Make a Quote Generator using Vue: Part 1

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Vue is one of the frameworks that’s often talked about (and compared with) Angular and React. These comparisons are often not very helpful and leave you more confused than before. To correctly and fully understand what a framework can do for me I prefer trying it out first hand. And that’s what we’re here to […]

Make a Quote Generator using Vue: Part 2

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In the previous part, we learned about how data defined in a Vue object can be used inside our HTML. We then went on to include values for font family and background color in our Vue object. We set up our basic HTML and CSS. In this part, our task is to help our HTML […]

Recent Projects

404 Pages – Designs and Resources

image for design 1 404 page

404 pages are displayed when a website encounters a path that it cannot find. But I’m sure you already know that. Even though it’s a simple page, designing it well can help you connect better with your visitors. On the other hand, a badly designed 404 page can leave your visitor clueless leading to a […]

Login Form for Three Scoops – Design and Code

Here’s a quick design for the login form for Three Scoops Dessert Shop (completely made up name!. Hey, if you think it’s lame, suggest a better one :P). It’s a difficult task to make something look simple and lively. I did not want to add too many details to the graphics because that would take […]

Image Editor using CSS Filter and Blend Mode property

feature image for css filter

CSS is more amazing than most consider it to be. It’s often treated as a dumping ground for your font and background colors. However, it offers ways to make the lives of developers much easier. To demonstrate this, I’ve created a simple app using CSS filter and blend mode properties. Project Details CSS filters let you […]

Recent Articles

When they quit their jobs

We still have no idea what caused it. We haven’t been able to identify a patient zero. I say patient zero because the scientific community considered it a disease. They spent an inordinate amount of resources and wealth to find a cure. Governments in every country prioritized research on this. This was some 100 years […]

Seven hundred flowers

Seven hundred flowers over seven hundred days. Light from the bluest star light years away. Your skies are doomed to fore’er be gray. Beg, weep, or you can start to pray.   Your children will be starved for a single sun ray. And scavenge through the fields where dead folk lay. Pay heed to what […]

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After 5 years, I decided I wanted to do something more, so I quit. I spent the next year learning about web development and technologies related to it. And, I realized that’s what I enjoy the most (at least for the time being).

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