Hello! Prashant here.

I’m a full-time blogger and freelance developer from Mumbai.
I’m an electronics and telecommunications engineer but I have no clue how I became one. After graduation a got a job in a completely unrelated field of “e-Learning”. I worked as a content author for Physics and Math at Zeus Learning. The time I spent there was a great learning experience.
After 5 years, I decided I wanted to do something more, so I quit. I spent the next year learning about web development and technologies related to it. And, I realized that’s what I enjoy the most (at least for the time being).

So here I am now, I spend most of my time learning about the latest web tech and working on web development projects.

Here are the projects I have worked on

404 Pages – Designs and Resources

image for design 1 404 page

404 pages are displayed when a website encounters a path that it cannot find. But I’m sure you already know that. Even though it’s a simple page, designing it well can help you connect better with your visitors. On the other hand, a badly designed 404 page can leave your visitor clueless leading to a […]

Login Form for Three Scoops – Design and Code

Here’s a quick design for the login form for Three Scoops Dessert Shop (completely made up name!. Hey, if you think it’s lame, suggest a better one :P). It’s a difficult task to make something look simple and lively. I did not want to add too many details to the graphics because that would take […]

Image Editor using CSS Filter and Blend Mode property

feature image for css filter

CSS is more amazing than most consider it to be. It’s often treated as a dumping ground for your font and background colors. However, it offers ways to make the lives of developers much easier. To demonstrate this, I’ve created a simple app using CSS filter and blend mode properties. Project Details CSS filters let you […]

Gradient Generator

image of gradient generator

I love colors and as an extension, I love gradients too. But, I do not have the patience to sit around and pick colors that form a good gradient. So, I made this! Ta-da! A gradient generator! Project Details This project produces an endless list of beautiful gradients. I used some basic understanding of color […]

Flat Colors

image of flat color generator

This here is a very very simple yet very useful app. It generates beautiful colors so you don’t have to go crazy in front of a color palette. Flat colors can be seen in a lot of designs these days. And let’s agree, those designs look super cool. So, here’s a simple flat color generator. […]